Am I missing something? [spoilers all] (I suppose)

Your tastes are different and that's fine.

I never understand these questions, what do you want? Someone to come and validate every single concern, criticism or query? Like yes, the story and lore origins is quite generic even by tolkien standards. I mean ffs the enemies are just some generic baddies that are all called the same three names, genlock, hurlock and ogre. Wow much variety, such inspiration.

That's not why anybody praises the game. People praise the game for tender somber moments like the moment where duncan dies, or when you're back at camp after a long day of adventuring to chat with your cast of well written party members as the campfire crackles and the games beautiful score is in the background.

The party banter, the bonds you form. That is the reason so many people prefer origins over everything else, because THEY identified with it's cast of characters more.

That doesn't mean inquisition or 2 are bad, it's just we all prefer different things.

In regards to the politics of fereldan? I enjoyed that side of the plot more than any other dragon age game tbh.

But to be completely honest, i don't know how anyone can say they prefer awakening over origins because it's just more of the same and with the amount of retcons and reworks that plotline has had, i just feel like it's wasted potential personally.

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