Am I misunderstanding Stoicism? (Criticism)

It all boils down to "because you want to" and what you can be satisfied with, right?

Even if you can't be a true sage you still want to try to be virtuous. "It would be similar to saying that it is pointless to exercise today, because some day your body may be injured."

It is not pointless to exercise today. If you exercise today you will be better off tomorrow. And if you keep doing it you'll be better off until the day where your body is injured(if it even happens, depends on your luck).

Is that it? Because that's written in my original post. In the second point.

"So the person lives chasing and getting their self worth, satisfaction, happiness from virtue and being happy in their fake world.(Fake because of criticism 1, unless you believe the last point I made there in which case fine.)

Basically, live chasing virtue and being completely satisfied with that."

So my view on Stoicism is correct right? :)

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