Am I misunderstanding Stoicism? (Criticism)

Wooooow let me just say, before I even read. Such a long comment, so exciting!!! Let's dig in!!

Nice opening, feels like I'm reading a presentation. I wonder if you give presentations often...

Anyways, I don't think you're entirely confused.

The first point you make is really great. I think i'll use it to move forward. Really nice, I don't disagree with it. I'm guilty of wasting time and stuff like that so this is so valuable. It's like a really valuable comment that's really just a simple thing sitting in front of everyone but they don't notice it.

Your 2n'd point is confusing. It seems from it that everyone is pursuing virtue. Maybe you can clarify this virtue thing a bit. Is it reaching potential? Pontential of what? Why try to reach the potential?...lots of questions about that.

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