Why am I obsessing over my break-up

I have a pic that proves my first time at Cori’s house was July 15 which is as the night I have the texts from Deborah asking me for a ride there to bring Stan’s birthday presents over upon my arrival for the first time ever in my life the time was 1022pm.Deborah had me pull forward to combined with the fact the porch light was off and the fact Deborah had Stan’s birthday presents I was carrying in stacked to my eyes proves that either your neighbor is a peeping Tom and was looking in your windows or the creep has a camera in your house. Either way at no fault of my own since his complaint that he lied and said I was living there in was done in the first hour I was there and I was inside your house the whole time which means he couldn’t have seen my face and that he lied in his statement. It also proves since my truck isn’t in my name that he had to be spying in your house and that he had to be stalking you long before I ever had been there considering that was my absolute first time there.

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