Am I Olive? April 2020

Hello! I've been wondering what my undertone is for quite a while and up until recently, I didn't even consider olive.

I tried a few foundations, but haven't found my one yet: KVD Lock-it in 58N & True Portrait in 57 look very orange and dark on me; KVD True Portrait in 54 looks better, but still too dark for me. An okayish combo I found is KVD TP 54 mixed with Fenty 185 (185 by itself is too light for me), which came closer color-wise, but it was still off, though not sure in what way.

I was thinking of looking into the Luminous Silk foundation as my skin tends to be on the dry side, but I'm not sure where to begin with choosing a shade.

Lipstick wise I think variations of red (especially burgundy) and purple look good on me. I'd say very bright colors and orange shades do not suit me, though I didn't try a lot of them. Eyeshadow-wise is pretty much the same: reds, purples, browns look okay, but light blue is horrible (dark looks okay, though).

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