Am I the only one annoyed that the right and far right have co-opted the words "freedom" and "liberty"?

Listen, American here. If any one of us starts touting how great our country is, don't listen.

It's embarrassing. We rank so low on so many lists. The idea that "our freedom" somehow makes us "great"? Get the fuck out of here with that horseshit.

There are many, so many, of us here that want the US to be as great as it can possibly be, but, those of us who want that, realize that there is so much fucking work to do before we get there.

Then there are the other people... fingers in their ears, not listening, watching too many Michael Bay movies, never leaving their county let alone their state let alone their country, with an undeserved sense of self-importance that stems from crippling insecurities. Please don't lumpnua in with these folks. These folks just lost the election, though, and that's a start.

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