Am I the only one getting pissed at non-Filipinos telling Filipinos what they are, what they should identify as and what our history is?

You can’t even form a complete sentence and you’re preaching about third world country lmaooo!
what would you like to hear? Tell me please. I will get that in a full sentence for you. But you are a third world country just to state the most obvious fact, and if you cannot take that in, well, too bad. That is your problem. Not mine.

I literally just said I’m educating myself to understand better.
- Why do you even need to educate yourself about this country. You are its fruit for FK sake.

I’m currently not even in Philippines right now. Tf is wrong with you?
- I am happy that you can afford to leave this country and just so you know, you better come back quick because this country is going to be even more lost without you.

you came to my thread. I wasn’t bothering you.
- If you dont like what I wrote you can also just skip by not reading it.

Clearly you’re the one who has no idea why there’s a war between Russia and Ukraine.
- Please do tell. It would be interesting to hear what you know

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