Am I the only one who doesn't lie to my children about Santa Claus?

I am not sure honestly. I just tell people that we aren't doing Santa because it is not real and we don't understand the point of it! We do consider it a lie, and I think that is where most of the issues come in. I have used the word lie when referring to Santa, but I am so so so careful to try to make it not sound accusatory towards them. I think once the word "lie" comes out of my mouth though people just jump on the defensive. Even though I dont say "you are lying to your kids" I have said "We just get uncomfortable when we have to tell white lies to our children about things like that". You can't say you consider Santa a lie without other parents assuming you are calling them liars. I guess there isn't a way around that. I am not intentionally calling anyone a liar at all, but our honest truth is that we consider it lying and that's why we choose no to do it. I am definitely being abrasive in this comment section though because it is something I am passionate about.

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