Am I the only one who's completely out of touch with British celebrities?

I think what constitutes a celebrity has changed rapidly in the past 20 years.

It wasn't that long ago that we only had 5 channels on TV, not everyone could get all 5. TV wasn't 24 hour. Music was something you had to integrate yourself in the culture for if you wanted anything beyond the charts.

Nowadays, anyone can put their music out for the world to see & hear. Anyone can become a public figure/personality via YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, etc. Podcasts, chat streams, YouTube videos. There are god knows how many channels on Sky (gotta be around 400, right?).

You can gather an international audience for a large variety of reasons. Also what "counts" as famous has changed a little. We're seeing models, pornographic film actors, non-traditional media talking heads, athletes, etc all become more widely accepted and allowed to move between outlets.

So a "celebrity" today may be someone famed for an interest you've not so much as even been aware of. Whereas previously they'd be little more than a notable member of a niche.

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