Am I the only person who doesn’t hate the 2004 remasters?

It's not that ALL the remasters are bad. I specifically would say RiP is a failure. Peace Sells' 2004 remaster is close to being much more inferior to the original but there are no re-recorded vocals like on Take No Prisoners and a different vocal track like on Lucretia or Five Magics.

CTE 2004 was alright, but just 5 seconds in you can already tell how much tighter the drums sound on the 2012 remaster. Youthanasia and SFSGSW sound much more pleasant on the remasters though, I can understand why people like the original of SFSGSW because of the reverb giving it a darker feel though.

Didn't see a reason why there would have to be a remaster for Risk though. Risk's original sound was good as is and Cryptic Writings sounds slightly tighter again like bass and guitar sound on the original. But I personally think it's a tie because the remaster adds some nice touch by some guitar/vocal tracks and intros that you haven't heard on the original before (e.g. A Secret Place, or when Dave goes crazy at the end of Mastermind).

So to sum it up for all remasters in my eyes:

KIMB 2018 >>> KIMB 2002 > KIMB 1985 (personal opinion!)

Peace Sells 1986 > Peace Sells 2011 > Peace Sells 2004

RiP 1990 >>> RiP 2004

CTE 2012 > CTE 1992 > CTE 2004

Youthanasia 2004 > Youthanasia 1994

Cryptic Writings 2004 = Cryptic Writings 1997 (leaning more toward the 2004 remaster for most tracks though)

Risk 2004 = Risk 1999 (unnecessary remaster in my eyes though)

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