I am pro-choice, but I have never liked the my body my choice" argument.

Women say my body my choice while making a choice about the body within their womb. That body may not be able to choose in the same sense as the woman cognitively at that moment but strives to live nonetheless and naturally wants nothing more. A right, and a choice that is taken away from them. One example, do we we choose to breath or are we just naturally inclined to breath? Even if we chose not to breath our body would not allow us to succeed without help. What about our heart. Can we stop it from pumping or is it just naturally inclined to do so. All newborns are naturally inclined to live and flourish. Its the same cognition that allows a woman to "choose" that allows a human to choose not to live. Some humans are not allowed to reach that level of cognition to choose life or death. What about their choice? Why is a "choice" from one body more important than something so ingrained in a new life form, such as striving to live, that it cannot even do otherwise.

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