Am I ready for Red Musp?

then why did you say this?

Answered. you should read the post.

This is objectively false.

No, it is completely accurate.

You don't know what the rolls on his slots 1-5 are

Neither do you.

or what ring, insig, and medallion he's using.

Neither do you.

He could very well have low enough crit to justify some crit on his costume.

Which he just as likely may not need. But the fact is that in the long run he WILL have to change it out for CDR. May as well skip the CR and go right for the CDR so he has an accurate representation of his crit chance with endgame gearing.

Also lol @ saying this guy isn't ready for a red raid in your OP.

He is obviously not, and I am not the only one that said so.

Have you lfg'd a red lately? Most groups have 5 people with full 69 and can/will easily carry an Iceman with reasonable gear.

Last I knew most does not mean all. And if you bothered to read my post I stated that there is a chance he could be carried, more with a SG than LFG.

I lead lfg reds every week and I always end up including 1-2 guys like this because there's always plenty of dps to spare nowadays and people can do the sisters fight in their sleep so deaths aren't a problem.

Grats. Then instead of telling him "Yeah, you are good to go jump in" why not say "Give me you IGN and I will invite you to one of mine". Unless he can be carried, he isn't ready. Simple fact, and one you pretty much agree to since you just pretty much said he should be able to be carried.

Keep on spreading misinformation to new players

LMAO, I love people like you. You think you know everything and you talk all sorts of shit when someone disagrees with you even though you are agreeing with them at the same time. Fucking hilarious.

You said he needs crit, then you said I was wrong in telling him to get CDR, then you say :

You can't assume everyone just has a ton of crit.

Which is a roundabout way of saying costume crit might be bad if he has a ton of crit. So basically you did the EXACT same thing I did and offered advice on an assumption. My assumption being that he had a brain enough to realize he should stack crit, and your assumption that he's an idiot that is avoiding crit.

Sorry for being combative, but you're one of the most toxic people on this sub.

LoL. Yeah, I am so toxic here because I disagreed with you AMIRIGHT? If anyone here is in the wrong with their tone it was you.

I suggest learning the basics of how the game works before giving more advice. =(

Could you have sounded like more of a cunt right there? Not really.

I dislike just about every post you make.

Funny. I don't really care what you think. And if you read every single post I have made you'd see that I only attack when attacked more often that not. Except for pointing out the overabundance of repeat topics and douchbag rants.

You're an extremely negative person online and it's really off-putting in threads like this.

Funny, I wasn't negative at all in this thread until you attacked me.




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