I am remainer and Lib Dem supporter, I will be going to conference in York to call for changes to the party policy, I would like to know what some outside would like to see?

  • Electoral reform.

  • Reassessment of the drug policies - particularly weed, the US are raking it in now that they've hopped on the legalisation train and it's ridiculous that we're still banging people up for it and taking up prison space.

  • Some sort of plan for dealing with automation, and some policies which recognise how much the internet and tech in general are reshaping more or less everything.

  • Action on climate change.

  • Investment in infrastructure and public services.

  • Ban on foreign donations.

  • Ban on second jobs for MPs.

  • Ban on lobbying.

  • Trust busting.

  • Remuneration for personal data being sold by tech companies.

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