AM representation in a BMW commercial (2019)

Wow, you're really triggered. But seriously, I was teasing on a statistical truth. I have travelled to many major cities in North America and live in one myself. The larger the city, the larger the Asian population. Among the chinese population it is not uncommon to see plenty of bmws, Audi's, mercedes, porsches, lambos and ferraris. Other than may be middle eastern folks, I do not see too many other "races" drive these "nicer" cars in proportion to its population. Even in Hong Kong and China. Those who can afford cars tend to buy such.

I just dont understand why so many folks are so tense in this group. I'm mostly Chinese among other mixed asian and I speak both fluent mandarin and cantonese as well as english. Although I was raised in the west I keep true to some traditional chinese values. Does not mean I am not aware of agendas and marketing ploys. It isnt a bad thing this commercial.

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