I am severely disabled and bedridden at only 21. I have a myriad of different health problems caused by a traumatic brain injury. I live my life from this bed. Ask me anything!

Takes a literal approach to "getting back on the horse!" I sincerely hope you achieve that one day, even if it's 1, 5, or 10 years down the road. Progress is progress. I was in a bicycle accident when I was ten and cracked my skull from not wearing a helmet, I recovered and never had a second thought about getting back on a bike. I now ride a motorcycle, but am more sensible about always gearing up. Facing your fears and working towards doing what you love again is what makes this life worth it. You have the mindset to challenge your pain and overcome obstacles, you only need the tools to accomplish them (physical therapy, better doctors, and a great working dog). You'll get there. All good things take time, unfortunate, but true. I admire your strength and goals, you can do it!

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