I am a small dick bi guy [37M] ask me anything!

Additional Information:

I knew I was small, probably around high school age. I was on the wrestling team my freshman and sophomore years in highschool and it was a problem if we didn’t shower after practice before leaving to go home. Saw quite a few dicks. I would get myself semi-aroused on purpose just so I didn’t seem so small by comparison (I was probably 3 and a half to 4 inches hard at that point). Anyway, I knew then that I was below average.

Anyway, went to college and knew I was small. Actually was so desperate to be average I bought penis enlargement pills (I know, pathetic).

Anyway, after college, I dated a girl for four years (while we both continued additional schooling). Afterwards we got married, about three months after I finished the additional schooling. About a year into the marriage, she got really friendly with a male co-worker. Eventually, she ended our relationship. Anyway, I found emails on my computer, to him from her and from him to her. She talked about my small cock and how she needed more and how big his was...

It didn’t immediately affect me, but now I think I may have a cuckold fetish as well from it...

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