I am stuck and would really like to leave the barrenness of Budullangr, but alas, my Atlas is broken, nothing happens beyond the below. Anyone know of a way to reset the Atlas path?

I was at the option to chose to go to new galaxy, which happens after the posted pic, I backed out because I was indecisive, some point later I knew I wanted to go to a new galaxy but did not reach the same prompt that I had earlier, the prompt that follows the posted pic, and was stuck, with nothing happening at the message in the posted pic, despite having had the prompt that follows the message in the posted pic earlier, a retry at getting to the same prompt that I saw, which comes after the posted pic, was met with being stuck at the message in the posted pic.

You said the same thing twice so I figured I'd reiterate 3 or 4 times... I lost count.

But sincerely thank you for saying that you knew of no solution to my issue twice.

I also appreciate that you were unable to help me and felt the need to say the same thing in duplicate.

I get it, and I am, without a doubt, sure that anyone reading this mess will see you had no solution to my inquiry of if there was a way to refresh the Atlas.

Thank you kindly, dear stranger, for reaffirming that people who can't help do oft feel the need to chime in on an issue merely to say they can't help.


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