I am tired of fighting for feminism.

It's a media and media literacy problem. It's difficult for feminist orgs to outspend decently funded media outlets, especially when many are involved with issues like public health that are very different from the intersection of media-entertainment.

Huh. Maybe you're right. Maybe all the articles up at the top of this thread by supposed feminists in mainstream media are imitators or pawns; plants and luddities, placed there by click-hungry execs to draw outrage dollars. That makes this so much simpler because now, if they happen to write anything which strikes the public the wrong way, well that's fine because these writers have nothing to do with the actual, real feminist movement - they have no credibility, prominence, or cache there.

Why, this must be true because real feminists wouldn't write all those awful articles at the top. Let me just click one of those for proof to bring back to this thread and show all those media illiterate redditors. Oh hey, it's Jessica Valenti. "Jessica Valenti"... that name seems familiar.

Where do I recognize it from.

Oh... right, ten years ago. Back when I was an impressionable youth who browsed the new, explosively popular feminist website she founded, right? Feministing, was it?

Not a very relevant website today, but in its hayday nearly a decade ago, along with the feminism101 site, it was the force that brought internet feminism - feminism learned on the internet vs. through college and/or books - into the mainstream. Feministing made academic feminism accessible to the public and played the central role in sparking the modern internet-led resurgence in the popularity of feminism.

Boy, if I recall, that made her, for years a darling of feminist institutions for bringing feminism attention again. Fundraisers, academic conferences, a lot of likeminded audiences snagged her for a lot of speeches.

Wait, wait. hold on. I forgot what got me on this topic. Why are we talking about this darling of feminist organizations?

Oh yeah, yeah, I remember. Because she's been a widely read weekly columnist for the decently funded media outlet The Guardian. For years now.

And you're trying to play her off some nobody or media puppet, even though, media literate as you are you would surely know that a Guardian article such as in the links above would be written by Valenti and you would know about her deep ties and acceptance within modern feminism.

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