I am tired of having to deal with lingerie and disgusting period panties in my mother's laundry

So you agree the mother never learned how to properly care for her clothing and is putting the onus on her son to take care of her negligence? I was taught to do my own laundry at 9-10. That’s self-sufficient and independent. Expecting me to clean up after my parents who gets drunk and vomits on their clothes and doesn’t remove stains is unfair. Asking them to clean up towels used to clean up after sex is unfair. Asking them to clean lingerie is unfair. Asking them to clean period stained clothes is unfair. I get that kids need to be uncomfortable, but there’s a wide gap between “just try this new activity you’re nervous about” and “clean off stains that got on my intimates because I’m unable to properly change a tampon regularly, wear a pad preventatively, or clean my underwear immediately after undressing to ensure the stain doesn’t set”. No, it’s not reasonable to ask anyone else to clean that up. It’s akin to having to remove skid marks from his dads underwear because he doesn’t know how to wipe. That’s not teaching responsibility, that’s expecting something of a child that most adults wouldn’t want to do. I’m good cleaning up after myself but if my husband started to neglect his hygiene and his boxers were covered in poop, I can assure you he’d be doing his own boxers. It’s not just about comfort, it’s about respect. Respect that someone is doing all the effort to keep your clothes clean and you need to respect their wishes. Growing up, my mom vacuumed every room. She’d even vacuum our bedrooms but the rule was we had to keep our floor clean. Picking up all our stuff to vacuum wasn’t something she was willing to do, to teach us responsibility. Similarly, not presenting dirty laundry covered in human waste is a pretty low bar in terms of expectations. It sounds like this parent never learned how to set boundaries and is now uncomfortable that her son is learning that important life skill.

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