Am I "too emotional" by being upset that my boyfriend is happy our kids got more of his genes than mine?

He's always brought up this way as that's just how he talks. He used to joke as a child like this with me (and my children, and him too. He's always brought up "oh, well, my dad got me pretty!"), but it's been completely changed. I think you're both being emotionally abusive and are trying to play devils advocate. So many comments about your weight and appearance, especially that your husband is not at all joking around with you, is very manipulative and manipulative. You don't sound very mature. He was raised in the house, so he knows he is always in the wrong and he's always trying to find reasons to hurt you. He has not learned the hard way to talk to you. I would recommend you talk to him about this. He's very selfish. He is manipulating you. You can't expect him to be happy with you, he can't be with you. So just tell him that he needs to learn how to be happy with you and have less baggage from your past. It will help him grow, but he needs to be able to make you happy.

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