I am a vacuum repair technician and subject of the latest Upvoted podcast, "The Surprisingly Complex Life Of A Vacuum Repairman", here with a special Spring Cleaning edition. AMA!

In fairness, as someone who works on Dysons he knows how terrible they are. Therefore anyone that recommends them must be full of shit; it's simple really. It's not limited to Dyson, that's just the most popular of the shit brands. It could be Shark or Bissel or you name it.

I have no problem accepting this. Since he knows a significant amount about vacuums he can call out the other internet person for being a liar or incompetent. I guess you've never taken your car to a good mechanic after a shit one? I've seen "computer expert's" work before, clearly they didn't know anything about computers at all.

Why is it so hard to believe that Dyson makes a cheap plastic flimsy product? It doesn't pull dirt from the padding. It clogs easily. Bagless compartments get gross as hell after a couple uses. I owned one and now I have a nice vacuum and the difference couldn't be any greater. Anecdotal evidence: mine still worked when I got rid of it (after 5 years), but the brush switch was broken and the canister was really gross. I've had a new vacuum for a year and it looks brand new inside and out. I can't believe how much better the new one cleans. It's painfully obvious having used both one is a superior product. Not going to even plug the brand here since it's irrelevant.

If you don't like they way he responds don't read it. I appreciate the sound advice I got and I get to live with my vacuum for the next 20+ years. I know that my carpet and hardwood are getting clean and I can see the difference. These AMAs are for people who actually want to get good advice on vacuums, not for people who are so happy with their POS Dyson/Shark/whatever. You are not only not contributing, you are taking away from people who might actually be here to learn something.

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