Am what am I missing?

Hi and thank you for your incredibly lengthy response! Just wow. I'm familiar with pua and their terminology, I've already studied it for far longer than sanity should allow. That such a natural thing has to be taught is sad but it's good that it exists.

I'll absolutely try to incorporate the confident but relaxed personality more, I've always tried to become high-energy although I'm not naturally but maybe I'm wrong to play my weakness just because that's what I perceive is desired. Nightlife might be to blame for that perception.

I think I've realized I need to meet women at different venues. Clubs are good because they automatically have a sexual undertone that a library doesn't. As you say though misinterpretation and bringing up sexual topics as humor might be a good thing to use at those casual venues. It might get the ball rolling to a point where it's natural.

I'll also try to disregard failure, I'll just shrug it off and accept even the tiniest of successes as a win. It's the only way.

I'm going to try to re-read and integrate all that you've written now, thanks again and and congrats on getting the woman of your dreams and a daughter by the way.

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