Am I wrong for not being so high on GS?

when i think about superteams, i personally assess players at the time they come together and form the team, which is when these teams start to get the superteam label.

in the offseason prior to 2014-2015, K-Love was a star (not a superstar, but definitely a top 30 player). I'd say that Kyrie wasn't a superstar either -- he averaged only 20.8pts 6.1 asts per game on a 10th seeded cavs team in what i thought was a pretty weak, but top-heavy eastern conference. to his credit, he was an eastern all-star starter.

in 2014-2015, it seemed like a foregone conclusion for the warriors to win after kevin love got injured in the first round and kyrie got hurt in g1. lebron did play incredibly that series, as no one expected it to 6 games after kyrie got hurt.

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