Hey Almir! I have some questions that have been on my mind for a while:

  1. Can dial down the character packs and cosmetic items a bit and focus on some core issues - bugfixing,gameplay refinements for existing maps(like removing the infinite amount of spawning civies on GO Bank,which makes the heist very unfun),fixing the detection delay(getting spotted behind walls) etc.

  2. Any chance for some skill tree changes? There are still quite a few skills no one uses,but I'd say the Ghost tree would definitely need a revamp,especially since the Burglar perk deck offers better bonuses than most of the skills in the Ghost tree.I haven't seen people using skills like Moving Target,the Silencer skills,while Camera Loop and silent safecracking can be useful in very few heists.Basically all the good stuff are in the first few tiers.I'm sure there are some tweaks needed for the other trees as well.

  3. Melee revamp.Is that something you'd like to do in the future? There are more than 30 melee weapons in the game,ranging from utterly stupid and trollish to somewhat useful.But the melee system as a whole is lackluster.Plus using melee on OVK/Death Wish is something you'd probably never do,as enemies will rip you to shreds from close quarters.Melee needs to be more useful,so it can make good use of all those different weapons.

  4. Would you do a massive weapons rebalance patch? You keep adding more weapons,when most of the already existing weapons have no place in the game as it is.Most of the vanilla SMGs are utterly useless(which in turn make the SMG skills in the Ghost tree lackluster as well) - Para,Krinkov,Mark 10,Kobus 90 and TMP could all use some love.Primary shotguns need some lovin' as well.Loco might be an awesome secondary,but it shouldn't be better than the Primary shotties(and I don't mean nerf it,just buff the less used weapons).Basically,most weapons need some sort of rebalance,so they can have a niche where they excel at and we can all have more than 2-3 weapons we can use on Death Wish.

  5. Voice lines. Any chance we can get more voice lines and more dynamic conversations,like in the first Payday? Also will you fix the voice call outs?

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