PR to English translation: Almir "As a fan when you say 'lots of fans are disappointed" you are wrong because you can only speak for yourself, but when I say 'everybody loves it' I'm right because fuck you, I'm a developer."

You seriously need to cut it out with the blaming fans, and being evasive and just admit that you fucked up big time.

I pre-ordered both the COP and Overkill Pack, but after the clusterfuck that was infamy 2 I was seriously considering cancelling if not both preorder at least the COP, but then you guys pushed out the DLC before it was ready in an attempt to avoid people from refunding their money. Now we've got the minigun that it's barrels don't spin and a RPG as secondary while the M79 is still a primary? What the hell are you thinking?

And we can't forget that this isn't over yet, next week is really going to be Overkill's chance to shine and fuck over as many people as possible with their stupidity. The 25 secret items? What are the chances even 1/2 will be as good as the others? It will probably take them 6 months or something to make as well, and then we each get a single item that we waited months for and have a low chance of getting what we want. Can't wait for that, good thing my refund wouldn't go through.

Regarding our recent Hype Train announcement, we were simply calling out those who chose to support us. If you read into it as being negative towards your person, I'm sorry to have offended you. I'd again like to highlight that those who have supported the Hype Train have done a tremendous thing, showing extreme genorosity towards their fellow heister who might not have had the opportunity to support the Hype Train in a monetary fashion.

That's bullshit and you know it, writing passive-aggressive insults to people who don't want to "donate" $20 to a bunch of liars. Guess what, I did and I still have the basic sense to know what that announcement really says.

Any percieved less communication only exists because our community has grown by the millions, why we still remain at a humble 60 developers. We're adding few developers, one at a time, but shaping and maintaining the OVERKILL crew is no easy task.

More bullshit, the communication stopped pretty much when Goldfarb left, he was the one who was most active responding to the community's ideas and concerns, admittedly he also gave incorrect information at times, but he at least tried to keep the community up to date, and would usually admit when he had misspoke or misunderstood features that would be added etc. You do no such thing. Pretty much the only things we hear from Ovk now are announcements for when DLCs are coming, and the occasional AMA in which you roll in to patronize your fanbase and like about all the fuckups you've made.

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