Thank you for the response.

It's fair enough to be skeptical when someone claims "this is what the community wanted." and you are right, I don't speak for the community.

That said, your time is valuable and limited, and we can't very well have every single one of the 30,000 people who subscribe to this subreddit all speak to you individually. I tried to give you what is, to the best of my knowledge and research, the general consensus of the subreddit, including things I personally don't agree with. Because of how reddit works, if people felt my concerns were invalid or not representative of the community, I would have been downvoted, and better representations of our opinions would have been upvoted in place of mine.

That said, I understand your skepticism, and I'm not asking you to take my word for it.

The reason I brought up the HypeTrain announcement coming off as insulting is because of this post which currently has roughly 500 upvotes (89% upvotes) and has actually been gilded. I'm actually not offended, but boy, some of the folks in that post are.

Or you can look at this post: An open letter to Overkill Studios on why Infamy 2.0 is a downgrade Which is at 118 upvotes after only 18 hours with 81% upvoting.

Or Infamy 2.0... is underwhelming With over 400 upvotes with 91% upvoting.

Or First Impressions on the New Infamy which has 300 upvotes with 92% upvoting.

I understand that Overkill is a small studio with a steam group of 1.5 million.

I understand you can't read and respond to every post.

I understand you have a whole bunch of voices and some are telling you to turn left and others turn right so no matter direction you go, some people will be disappointed.

I understand all that, and I've defended you on that basis strongly in the past.

But, when you come on here and dismiss the concerns of the community and then insist the response to Infamy was positive when we are overwhelmingly telling you the exact opposite... well, it's hard to feel like there isn't a disconnect there.

It's hard to feel like maybe you guys just aren't listening.

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