Firstly: Thanks for all the content you guys keep putting out. If nothing else, it shows you guys are definitely trying to give us as much stuff to play with as possible, and we appreciate it.

Now onto my questions:

  • There's a huge amount of disappointment amongst us about Infamy 2.0. While the masks you guys gave us are all really kick-ass, we're disappointed that the change from the original "Infamy Tree" to the new web, plucked full of rather pointless xp bonuses, is a huge loss of potential. My assumption is as per this post you guys decided against the "cooler of the two" in the long run. Can you confirm if my assumption is right, and give use some reasons as to why you guys decided the way you did?

  • Why were the Overkill and Completely Overkill packs released early? Many people who had the knee-jerk reaction of cancelling preorders on those found they couldn't due to having the release pushed forwards unannounced. While my guess is you guys decided that everything worked and you'd push early to surprised us, it makes you look really, really shady. This needs some explanation.

  • Considering the current climate in our community, the tongue-in-cheek phrasing referenced in this thread is just a case of poor word choice retrospectively. It feels like player like myself, who have bought all the DLC's don't count as much as those who also bought the cosmetic-only Completely Overkill pack. With the community already grumbling at that point, putting that out was a very bad idea. Why'd that slip though?

  • This is just general concern, but you guys are really making a truely huge amount of content. Between Crimefest and Hype Train, there is so much so fast that it's hard to swallow. Don't get me wrong, I love new toys (this minigun you gave me is hilariously fun despite its impracticality) but some of us are worried about content quality and game balance beginning to take a hit. Maybe once the dust has settled and the more immediate stuff is pushed to live, could you guys have a more organized "Bug-Squashing/Rebalancing/Quality-of-Life" update or two while we wait for Casino and Hoxton Revenge?

  • For those who've bought the Completely Overkill Pack, why must they be at the whim of RNG? There will always be someone who wants what someone else got with a system like this. I'm not lucky enough to have the cash to buy those nifty masks (Butcher mod pack, Bomb Heist sale and HM2 preorder for Jacket ate my last $28.50), but I feel really bad for them knowing that $20 bought four cool masks, and a chance at a cool item they might like, assuming someone else didn't get something cooler. Why is the super-secret item a 1-of-25 RNG drop?

Thanks for the great game, and all the awesome stuff you give us!

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