I would love to have an Update which would improve the Gameplay: Here's some things that I would like to see in game: (My English is very bad since i'm from Brazil and Speak portuguese only)

  • Another way to move hostage, maybe something like, The player hold the hostage, and can use your melee to defend yourself (Since we have Secondary weapons that need to be used with both hands, like shotguns) But this will improve Team work as well since the other team mates can protect him.

  • Add a skill to the Infiltrator Perk Deck, when you can Run while using the Melee

  • Improve the Infamy 2.0 System and add gameplay rewards, I mean, you guys sayd that this didn't happen for Ballance, but then you add a RPG as Secondary, which is a LOT more powerful than the GL (even without ammo pickup).

  • More graphics options, like disable AA, Shadow Resolution.

  • Fix the Texture Quality Issues, When using Textures on LOW or MEDIUM, The Sight Reticle and Hitmarker get his quality decreased as well, and make some gameplay important stuff always with high quality, Like the Board on Hotline Miami Day 1, this forces me to use High Texture level, and since I don't have a great PC... Well you know...

  • Make the Stealth-meter Client side, it's impossible to stealth something when you have lag.

  • Fix the Card Drop system, Maybe use something like the "Gage Coins" of the GoonMod, but more balanced.

  • Fix the broke dick piece of shit drill... jk

  • One thing that I really dislike is: Sometimes when you fire a auto-weapon with a single shot, it makes 2 shot sounds. It's just, weird

  • Fix the sniper sight, some times when you shot and then aim down the sight again, it kind of flick a little bit.

  • Add a Termal Vision Gadget for the Weapon, or a Thermal Sight. A Gadget would be better since you could Turn it on/off. The thermal vision would be used to see through smoke.

  • Portuguese translation, I can handle but some people doesn't seem to do it. This will help them.

Thanks Overkill for this awesome game! =D

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