[AMA ANNOUNCEMENT] The Hold Steady on Friday, August 23rd @ 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 5 PM UTC!

Firstly, congratulations on the new album - it’s superb.

I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised just how well it works as a whole considering I had heard - between the digital releases & live shows - all but two of the songs.

To that point, how was the selection process for the final track listing on this record any different from previous albums? Was there much thought when recording and releasing the initial singles how they might work together in the context of an LP?

For those tracks that didn’t make the final product (personal favourite - Esther) are there any plans for those in terms of a physical release? Are there any as yet unheard songs from those sessions that would make up a "Thrashing Part II?"

Along the same lines, when will we see a THS B-Sides collection? You have so many killer jams that deserve a little light shining on them. Thanks for listening/thanks for understanding.

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