AMA on mental health with counseling and clinical psychologists from Tatsam

Thank you for reaching out. Absolutely, there has been a huge change post the pandemic, where most of the people have realised that mental health indeed is a very important aspect of one's life and apart from stress there are other factors like isolation, workplace, social interactions etc have a huge role to play in maintaining optimum mental health.

In terms of effects of therapy, a lot of people have started taking therapy more seriously since they have understood that managing mental health issues alone without a professional help can sometimes be a very challenging task.

In terms of consultation, virtual therapy replaced in-person sessions to a great extent during covid. The fact that therapy is now available in the comfort of our homes without us having to deal with the awkwardness of walking into a therapy clinic and worrying about what if someone sees me here, has given a big push to take the first step towards overcoming the stigma. It also is time efficient. You save a lot of travel time. Convenience and confidentiality is what people are admiring the most about this change.

Recent research and metanalysis conducted by CDC has shown that there was no difference in the treatment outcomes based on therapy being online or offline which indicates that online therapy is as effective as in person therapy and that there was no difference in patient satisfaction. The research in itself is a huge indicator of how therapy in any mode is equally useful and sometimes only personal factors may influence the treatment outcomes.

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