The Amazing LGBTQ Representation of Night In The Woods

'>You don’t have to hang out at gay bars; just being friends with one lgbtq type person is enough to put you in contact with their grouping of friends as well.

But that's not the case in universe. If it was, that would be a reason.

Unless you live in some rural bumpkin town where’s there’s only that “one gay kid” I don’t see how you can’t see this.

No, you just have to notice that the game doesn't have those reasons you bring up. Those are just your headcannons.

What I am saying is that’s it’s perfectly reasonable if a story contains one lgbtq type character that it can easily contain more; especially if the protagonist falls into that category.

Never argued otherwise. I said that the story lacked those connective elements you've outlined. So it just says that this random group of 6 had three gay people by chance alone.

Now if the characters are flat and one dimensional then you can argue the Devs are just hitting check boxes; but to argue a story including multiple lgbtq characters isn’t reasonably possible just seems silly.

I said it's mathematically silly to have half of a group be gay without any in universe reason.

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