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I didn't say they were correct, and what I was asking about was is it not important to spam Hood's reload buff to everyone else as soon as possible in most fights?

I'm not really a maths type of guy so I don't do calculations too much on these kinds of things, and the only thought I put into Hood getting double autoloaders is her reload buff that can benefit the backline. That's one of the main reasons why I think its fine to use autoloaders on Hood, and the other is firing faster than a Lucky E, not because "its what everyone does". I don't even equip autoloaders on other BBs/BCs because you are correct about them not helping too much in a fight

funny how this was an Amagi question that turned into a double autoloader one Pretty sure I asked about this in the past during my beginner days as well, and most of the answers I've gotten were usually something similar to yours, or that double autoloaders were okay to use on Hood only (even the infographic from up there says double autoloader is a hood only meme)

For it to be worth it to run Autoloaders on BB's you need to know the duration of the fight in question. If the Autoloaders let your BBs and BCs get in an additional volley before the fight ends then it is worth it. But if all autoloaders do is that you get your volleys slightly earlier, then you've essentially got two empty Auxilliary slots.

I would agree to this if its those easy fights (ones that usually don't go below the 2min mark, mostly low level fights), then its really not worth it and you're better off with using the standard auxiliary boosting accuracy and FP. But for the longer fights that can go below the 2 min mark like W10 bosses or EX Stages, then I don't see the problem, its more or less the same result

Another instance is if the autoloader makes it so the volley goes off before Enterprise's invulnerability.

That is mainly why I do it, and I also assume that goes for everyone else. I've seen some Enterprises fire before my Washington's 20 second barrage mark can hit her (and I can only assume they were using a faster fighter plane or something) but its still quite troublesome to fight at times, granted I don't really see much of these fast ones too much

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