AMD confirms that Ryzen 2nd Generation will be soldered

Its 6c OC'ed, 5Ghz 1.4v. Did not check stock, i won't be using the CPU stock. Idle saw a 1c difference. Like i said 6c isn't enough to bump up the voltage or OC any higher reliably ( taking into account the violent shifts in temperature in less than a second ) so the OC ended up pretty useless. I was at 5Ghz 1.4v 89c with a noctua nhd15 (18c ambient), i'm now at 83c, to get 5.1Ghz i would need at least 50mv which will put us at 100c, and those 83c is too tight for me to be able to run this in summer when it will be 40c in the room ( which was the point of the OC more headroom for summer days ) so it was useless and far to costly (in terms of cash time and warranty) to justify it. I only went a head because i expected a minimum of 10c improvement, and was hoping for a magic 20c, 6c is disappointing and simply not worth it in my opinion, keep in mind TIM actually prevents die crackings, with liquid metal i'm going to have to change it every year to keep it consistant... again not worth it for 6c. If you think it is, more power to you, i think its tedious, i might just sell the chip when Icelake comes out, get a 8c and not delid that one.

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