AMD Ramping Up Ryzen Exponentially, Doubling Shipment Quarter On Quarter

Vega on 7nm and better HBM2 pricing might actually be competitive in its own right.

Where it'll get really interesting is if they manage to implement the multi-die package model (aka interconnected dies utilising Infinity Fabric - like Ryzen's design) into the same GPU architecture at the same time, so it releases with super cheap dies (so, super high GPU die yields, meaning considerably lower finished GPU package for a given core count vs. price, just like Ryzen) and with those dies having been manufactured on 7nm and with HBM2 pricing returning to sane levels.

That would be amazing because they'd get the best of all worlds: low cost (because high die yields), a variety of different performance products all utilising the same dies (just binned differently; again, same as Ryzen), low power use because of the efficiency of the 7nm production node, and low cost (because of the multi-die approach, and lowered HBM2 prices).

In my mind they can still pull off a victory even if HBM2 pricing doesn't return to normal, so long as they can get the other parts together in time.

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