America is grieving. We are currently in denial.

I feel it important to point out that this is for 1 region and its a guess. This is a virus that won't stop because it hit a human number count.

You can't really know how many people it will kill until we see the real numbers of death after people come out of hiding and the virus really takes hold.

I am a survivor of Covid. My 2 year old son and I were asymptomatic. My mother had mild symptoms and my husband's breathing was most affected with mild to moderate but no hospitalization. We did everything right we thought with masks and hand sanitizer and all, contact tracing indicated we got it from our grocery store which is across the street from an assisted living home hot spot outbreak for covid 19.

It is surreal when that positive test comes up. Then another and another. Our entire house..

My friends mother got it from a hospital during surgery. She had to be intubated for 4 days.

This hasn't even begun to spread across American soil to the millions still sheltering..

I wish everyone the best of health and happiness. There's 1 mill infected and 315 mill who live here...

Its easy to consider the death toll could be much higher than 1 mill after my personal experience with covid.

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