America is nowhere near as bad as Reddit thinks it is.

Thanks for this. I too am sick of all the America hate that always gets upvoted to the front page.

My family has health insurance (I had a choice of plans, and chose an HMO that's convenient for me). The monthly cost for coverage of my entire family is almost nothing. Diagnostic tests (blood tests, urine tests, X-rays, MRI scans, etc.) cost me nothing. The only time I would have a co-pay is if I had surgery, and it would be a fraction of the total cost.

My health insurance also covers prescription drugs. I do have a co-pay, but it's never more than $10, usually only $5, per drug.

I have the above because I have a job with standard benefits. The vast majority of Americans work (the unemployment rate is 3.6%), and the standard full-time job usually provides some form of health insurance. I realize not everyone is in the same boat, but the majority of working Americans are.

I have a baccalaureate degree in an in-demand major, and I have zero student loans. I went to a public community college for the lower division classes, which was relatively cheap. I went to my State University for the upper division, at half time, and it was also a reasonable cost, so I didn't need any loans.

Am I fortunate? I would have to say yes, but less because of luck and more because I made smart choices. I've worked for what I have.

Some people focus on the flaws and inequity in American society, but I firmly believe the vast majority of Americans have it pretty good, overall. It's been said America is the land of opportunity, and it's true. It's not the land of guaranteed outcomes.

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