America’s real hoax: Record highs on Wall Street as millions of jobless people can’t pay rent

You guys need trump again, look at your torn apart cities. I'm starting to wonder why so many Americans hate America, rioters citizenship should be taken away and put them in gauntanamo for terrorism. Fucking garbage people out on the streets. Police need to come out in force and crush the rioters, and then have a log of people who were involved in the riots and in the future if they call the police, the police just tell them to get fucked, you said you don't want us. I have so much hope for trump 2020 and in from Mexico LMAO your cities are turning as bad as our cities down here. You need law and order for things to be safe. Not gutter trash bitching and moaning in the streets and attacking people. If one stood in front of my truck and more starting coming toward me if put it in low gear and step on it. Safety fucking first

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