aMeRicA iS a tHIrD WOrLd coUnTRY

Our political culture is on clickbait-articles today. Come up with a headline that triggers fear part of the reptilian mind, which bypasses reason, so as to get clicks and comments. Views and comments translate to stats, and stats translate to money.

I don’t like BLM for instance because of their defund the police stance

It's definitely weird, but from what I know (many of my friends are in activist circles) - they mean redirecting non-criminal issues to other organizations - like social-services, EMT, firefighters, school discipline etc.

For example, social-workers are trained with tasers to down an angry or violent person. EMT and firefighters can often rescue people in car-accidents or after bar-fights.

"Defund the police" people want police to be a smaller organization strictly dealing with criminal issues alone, from what I can gather, although this is second-hand information and I cannot vouch for it.

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