The American and Canadian sides of Niagra Falls illuminated red as a gesture of binational unity in the wake of the tragic shootings in Nova Scotia

The race track is the gun range. (Restricted and prohibited firearms, I.e. anything other than a shotgun or single action rifle can only be used at the range) and not restricted guns can only be used essentially on large private property (not just your standard backyard)

Trudeau said he wants to ban "military-style assault weapons" which

  1. Are not legal to use anyway unless in some insane circumstances and

    1. He is implying there he means guns like an AR-15. (Which are semi-automatic long barrelled guns that have a maximum magazine capacity of five rounds.)

You don't ban Honda civics because a lot of drunk drivers use them. They are popular for a reason, not because they are "assault rifles", which they are not.

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