American climate policy is in tatters | Almost single-handedly, Joe Manchin has scuttled Joe Biden’s plans

Manchin is not single handedly doing this. Not even close. Of the 51 senators that vote no on these things, Manchin is the least problematic of them.

Let’s call a spade a spade. Manchin is basically a Republican. The people of WV voted for Republican policies but rejected Trumpism, so they voted for a Republican who calls himself a Democrat. Absolutely everyone knew what we were getting with Manchin, there are no surprises here.

However, if Manchin was listed as a Republican like his voting suggests, Mitch McConnell would be the speaker of the house. There would be no legislation passed ever, at all. There would have been no New Supreme Court justice. There would also be no investigation into January 6th. No committee, no prime time hearings. Just a big broom sweeping an attempted coup under the rug.

Manchin sucks, but he is merely the 51st worst person in the Senate.

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