American colleges in crisis with enrollment decline largest on record

Not surprised. Our schools, the board and super down to the principals and policies, have been actively and aggressively NOT preparing students for higher education. They have instead aggressively discouraged college, and focus primarily on teaching subservience (not a joke), respecting one's betters, preparing for factory work (that no longer exists), and the military. They've eliminated advance placement courses and even un-enroll students from science and math courses that would put them on a track for higher education. Even as students who have the aptitudes fight to stay on those tracks, when it comes time to prepare for college, counselors and advisors offer nothing, except to teacher's kids and more reputable names in the community, for whom it is just a given that they'll be going to college.

While I agree with their reasoning for SOME students, as they speak to the parents about the initiative each year, it's just not true for all students. Many, if not most, DO have the aptitude for higher education. Besides, let's be real, factory work of the 80s and earlier is not coming back, no matter how much the corporations want to saturate the market with low wage workers. In fact, exponentially increasing advances in machine learning and automation are creating new types of micro factories, but those need practically zero low skilled workers. And, even the trades these days require advanced training, critical thinking skills, and a strong foundational knowledge in math and science and more. That leaves one very strong entity that really, really, really wants your child. The military.

I say, listen to the kids. Inspire them. And let them pursue their dreams. That almost certainly requires advanced skills and education. So instead of rail roading them away from that, recognize that the real problem is simply the obscene cost of ALL advanced training and education. Then do something about that.

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