American comrades, what will be our Bastille, our palace we storm?

[Human beings] Who are still foolish enough to think that the economy is simple enough that you can just "increase" prosperity though a policy let alone plan out a whole market.

You don't 'plan out a market', you get rid of it and just plain plan. And actually we can increase our prosperity with planning. Take any of those problems up there. If we planned our bloody economy we could actually solve some of our problems. We need to find a cure for ebola? Excellent. Let's plan that. We set aside the building, get the equipment, the scientists and researchers, and fund the whole thing. No more letting the volatile, capricious and self-serving market decide what's worth investing in or not depending on whether there's money in it or not.

We have in fact, done it before! That's right FDR, America's most popular president did that in the midst of WWII. You think that when you had to coordinate with 25 other allied countries that were screaming for aid and needed bullets, bombs and men to fight, Roosevelt sat back and said 'Mmkay, we'll let the market decide. We can have companies compete to see who will build the cheapest most reliable tanks and rifles and—" oh no he di'ent. He actually said, true story, "markets shamarkets". He went to the factories and said 'okay you make refrigerators? You make cars? You make girders for buildings? Forget all that. You're all making tanks. Get to it."

And they did. Guess what else he did too. Vouchers. That's right, money was no longer enough to be able to access the goods and services in the economy anymore. You couldn't just go to a supermarket and buy up all the cans of sun-dried tomatoes. What, just because you have more money? Fuck you and your money, FDR was basically saying. Families were given vouchers based on how many mouthes they had to feed, etc. Sounds a lot like 'to each according to their need and ability' doesn't it? Smells a lot like Socialism to me.

I'll give you another tangible and real fact. The only kind of fact that exists, point being. The United States currently has some 25% of it's Industrial Capacity gathering dust under a tarp somewhere. You know what that is right? Tools, office space, factories, tractors, all of that good stuff, the famous 'means of production' you find so nebulous to define. Here's another thing the United States has, a fuckton of unemployed people. So here's an idea. What if we put those two together? Know what that would produce? About an extra 15% of the wealth of the country, which amounts to roughly $2 Trillion dollars. Oh look I just planned prosperity and I didn't need some Capitalist to do it for me.

That's why we have a government [that] either get's involved or helps create artificial incentives through policy. / Which is often (but not always) where the inefficiencies are. / That's why we regulate monopolies and have trust busting.

You realise the contradiction in your statements here, I hope. So is the government inefficient, necessary or not? And if it intervenes, and you're okay with it, that you clearly don't want a free market, which makes you a Keynesian, not a Neoclassicist.

This is often called crony capitalism.

And finally the old Capitalist standby 'That's not real Capitalism'.

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