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Some reading for you.

I will go more indepth on this comment later. Have things to do right now. You're wrong though. SES doesn't correlate with IQ.

The children of wealthy black parents with advanced degrees score below poor whites on the SAT and the LSAT. Only 61% of blacks pass their state's bar exam on the first try, whereas the passing rate for whites is 91%. Only 58% of blacks pass Step 1 of the US Medical Licensing Exam on the first try, whereas the passing rate for whites is 93%.

2008 SAT scores by race by income

Racial Amplitudes of Scholastic Aptitude

These score gaps could be interpreted as white admixture tests. White students have SAT score advantages over all non-Asian minorities. The gaps shrink in order from African Americans to Hispanic Americans to Native Americans to “other” race students. This order seems to correspond to white admixture (African Americans: 22%, Hispanic Americans: 48%, Native American: 50-60%). Granted, those admixture estimates are debatable, and I am reluctant to draw strident conclusions related to the small, fluctuating number of students who call themselves Native-American on the SAT, let alone “others.”

1995 SAT scores for the races in the US, by family income and parental education -- privileged blacks score at same level of EXTREMELY disadvantaged Whites

Extremely rich black students have similar educational scores as extremely poor white students:

Relationship of race & socioeconomic status to undergraduate GPA & LSAT score

30 Years of Research on Race Differences In Cognitive Ability by Rushton and Jensen, affirming amongst other things the huge IQ gap between blacks and whites and how IQ is correlated with scholastic and real life (socio-economic) performance [PDF, 50 pages]

Black children of parents with graduate degrees have lower SAT scores than white children of parents with a high-school diploma or less.


Of all group differences, the best studied is between whites and blacks. The black-white gap is also the most reproducible, the black mean lagging behind the white by about one standard deviation. Consequently, we can estimate the black distribution by shifting the white distribution to the left by 1.0 SD, as in Figure 2. When we do this, the area representing the failing fraction increases to 0.75. That is, if whites fail at the rate of 37 percent, a black-white gap of 1.0 SD implies that blacks will fail at the rate of 75 percent, in agreement with their observed failure rate in Waco. Thus, the Waco school district results for blacks and whites were consistent with standardized test results observed universally. (Details of the calculation are given in Appendix A.)

SAT correlates highly with IQ.

The SAT Is a Good Intelligence Test

The IQ gap hasn't been narrowing. The Flynn Effect stopped in the early 90s.

I have a lot of facts on this subject if you'd care to see.

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