Why is American higher education seen as the world's gold standard yet American secondary education is viewed so poorly?

Typical “hate Americans” response.. Don’t base your opinion on that “half the country..”BS.. the “other half” was supporting an equal/opposite bad candidate.. that election was a no win for our country and the outcome was the proper one, Why? Because the status quo politician was not what we need.. so the cartoon character won.. more of an indictment of the system and powers behind the curtains tbh... As far as the civil war.. we absolutely know the impact of slavery, and the framing of it being business.. i was a horrible time, and shameful that we, as a people, could ever support that type of culture as acceptable, but world history is littered with this type of behavior in EVERY CIVILIZATION.. so don’t pretend it to be uniquely American.. With all that said.. America, with all of its flaws, is STILL the gold standard as a nation.. and is still the primary destination of preference for anyone looking to escape to a nation of opportunity End of day, look down all you want.. just remember to be thankful for America when saying your prayers at night.. seeing as half the world would be speaking german and/or japanese or would be converting to islam by now if not for the nature of this great country.. Your welcome, Random American Citizen..

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