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The main criticism is that female characters tend to follow stereotypes. Damsel in distress, or the overly sexualized super bad-ass in leather. It does suck that in general female characters tend to be cliches or fitting stereotypes. You see the same thing in film too. Just look at the Bechdel test.

But the main point of these critiques as that the field of gaming as a whole tends to follow these patterns that suck.

BUT, you can't then get pissed at an individual game or movie for using a cliche or a stereotype. They take issue with the trend, and each individual creator does not make the trend.

So for example, say a study reveals that 80% of black characters in films are criminals. A new movie comes out where there's a black character that's a criminal, SJWs go crazy calling the movie's creators racists. That makes no sense. The prevelance of the stereotype across tons of movies/games is shitty and reveals that people maybe aren't trying very hard to be creative or are relying on stereotypes. But you can't go after a single film for fitting the mold.

Say for example I'm a screenwriter and I write 10 movies, the first 9 have no black characters that are criminals and no women being used as obvious damsels in distress, even though these things are both very common in hollywood. Then in my 10th movie, I use both of those tropes because I'm trying to take a common hollywood plot and twist it around and do it with a different spin. SJWs might then attack me for using these tropes, even though I don't use them very often.

So what these SJWs are trying to do is make it so that any cliche/stereotype they don't like becomes extinct. It should be off-limits to creators. And to anyone saying to creators that they can't do something in their creative work because it might hurt someones feelings, I say fuck you, you're triggering me now.

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