American on the 2cd amendment

that the US military is not that strong

It was and it is.

And in 1991, this greatly alarmed the military and political worlds (as well as the arms industry when it saw how exposed it was) as for the first time since 1945, the world saw how massively oversubscribed Western military spending had been.

It also came as quite a welcome surprise by those of us waiting in the desert who had been hearing on the run up to the war that our casualties were expected to number up to 30,000 in the first day alone.

The US still has massively oversubscribed military spending, but the arms industry has very many powerful allies in government that keep the issue from ever sticking around long enough for anything to actually be done about it.

And so yes, the US military is still that strong.

(from your previous comment)

Arab armies are notoriously garbage.

It's all well and good to look back on it now, but nobody expected the war to go as well as it did. It was a massive undertaking not seen since the end of WWII and the sheer amount of effort that went into preparing for that result that came should in no way be diminished.

We had been endlessly preparing to fight the Soviet Union all over the West German countryside (with that same threat of fighting in toxic biological/chemical conditions) against highly manoeuvrable, superior numbers that were going to overwhelm us.

The best we were expected to do was to slow them down long enough for a miracle/nuclear war to break out.

So having this tightly wound ball burst forth on an army that had previously fought with tactics and conditions recognisable to a man who fought on the Western Front in the Great War, our horde blasted through the same disorganisation and chaos that Hitler did to the Allies when he blasted his way through the Ardennes in 1940.

When the Iraq invasion began in 2003, it fought with a tiny fraction of the force that existed in early 1991 with the same equipment, no airforce, effective SAMs or anti tank weapons. Yet it still managed to cause problems for an enemy 20 years more advanced.

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