American police killed more people in March(111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900

rather than in the context of military engagements, you're a terrorist.

They called themselves para-militaries, and for all purposes acted like a military acts, using guerilla/urban warfare.

The IRA bombing a target like 10 Downing street (which they did) or assassinating the cousin of the British Queen is much less terroristic than say, the British Army on Bloody Sunday, where they killed kids in broad daylight in front of hundreds/thousands of people - suppressing the publics demand for civil rights (which shows they were advancing their own aim).

But do you not see the difference between even that and what is being complained of in OP's post?

OPs post is wrong - the information in the article cites a wiki list, and in the list of UK shootings, a family member of mine that was murdered by the RUC, and the people he was with are not present. So the information is false, at least partly. There's a lot of victims of the police during The Troubles that are missing in that list.

Furthermore, while the numbers in the US may be higher, there was a specific squad of policemen here that were used to kill, as well as the army in many cases.

Evidence and the events that took place in the US instances are pretty much always open and known to the public, however, in my own case here, after almost four decades of fighting to get justice and have the RUC men jailed, the British government has protected them and their identity, and actively fought to not give us justice. A few years back we won the right to have access to an independent police report (after the original one was highly compromised by corrupt police), we're still fighting for even a court case. We're not allowed to discuss the contents of the report and they are not admissible in any court case we may ever gain.

If you're to draw any conclusion from OPs article, you'd be drawing the wrong one. The furthest you could get away with is saying that they are as bad as each other.

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