American Pro-Lifers travel to Ireland in an attempt to influence the upcoming vote on abortion, attempt to invoke their "1st Amendment Rights" when told to stop handing out leaflets on public ground.

appealing a massive fine for teaching his gf's pug the nazi salute as a joke

That sort of stuff can happen in any country, probably a case of archaic laws not yet catching up with modern media. At least the pug guy only got a fine(wrongly imo), there was a case in the US where a youtuber uploaded a video where he'd cut footage of him singing a rude song together with footage of kids reacting to him singing an innocent song to them to make it look like he was singing the rude song directly to them. He ended up with a fine, community service, 60 days jail time and not allowed within 500 feet of children(and that was after a plea, he was facing 20 years!)

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