Why do American shooters mostly seem to target schools and the like rather than political institutions? Wouldn't that make them more famous if they want recognition seeing as no one else seems to have done it?

  1. HUUUGGGEE speculation on your behalf. You just said you didn’t care for speculation the Aussie did. This depends a LOT on how gun control would be implemented— nobody’s saying that the army should go and confiscate all the guns right now. THAT would result in civil war. Over time restricting it more, very doubtful.
  2. Fair enough, but we just established that taking away guns greatly reduces the amount of shootings. So restricting gun possession still is very much preferable
  3. HUUUUGE speculation, do you have numbers? Also, are you saying black people rob more? I think poor people rob more, and yes, poverty is another thing that the US should address
  4. HUUUMOUNGOUS speculation— this is you projecting, I feel.

and I personally like guns.

This is the real reason why you’re making your points. It’s fine that you like guns, I get it. I shot a gun in a fire range when I visited Miami, and since then, I get the attraction. But you’re really making a shit ton of assumptions to support your wish that gun control isn’t gonna reduce gun violence. You’re right in saying, the US is not Australia, we’re not sure what the effect will be. But that’s about it.

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