"American workers are the most exploited in the entire industrialized world, I'd say."

You can hear mine, but please don't downvote me just for making these arguments.

Competition creates incentives for destroying the environment

This is one i may not necessarily disagree with. Im not suggesting we have more regulations, but capitalism doesn't necessarily factor in environmental concerns.

pushing down worker rights/compensation

How? Competiton does the opposite. Guess what happens when you offer double the salary of your competitors? Ask Henry Ford how it worked out for him. Companies like Costco and Google are known for fantastic worker relations, salaries, etc and as such are extremely productive compared to their competitors.

manipulation (advertising)

Advertising cannot manipulate you into anything. You are not forced into buying their product simply because you watched a commercial. This is full on "hurt my feefees so make a law against it" territory.

wasting resources (for example, useless pictures on a can of beans just to make someone take your can of beans instead of the one next to it) and all kinds of other bad things just because a business wants people to buy their product and not someone elses.

I dont know what you're getting at. Of course a business wants people to buy their product. They have to offer something at minimum as good of quality and price as someone else does, and competiton allows them to do that. Wasting resources == lower profit margins == bad when competing with someone.

Why would a business improve a product in a real way if there are cheaper and more effective ways to outcompete competitors?

Wtf? What the fuck do you think improving means?

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